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The Coolidge Effect just might play a role in human affairs as well. And for science buffs:

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Your World Revolves Around Dopamine The central neurochemical player behind falling in—and out—of love is dopamine. Although you may think everything happens between your legs, the experience of orgasm actually occurs between your ears. As sexual satiation plays havoc with dopamine, lovers can end up with a double-whammy effect on their precious emotional bonds.

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Oxytocin during the initial stages of romantic attachment: Dopamine drives us toward eating or orgasm, but the experience of the actual orgasm or eating chocolate arises from opioids goosing the reward circuit. Our reward circuit is programmed so that "calories equal survival.

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You can think of dopamine as the "Gotta have it! See The Passion Cycle for an overview of this neurochemical cycle, and for more recent research see Men: The central neurochemical player behind falling in—and out—of love is dopamine. If this happens in females, it would also reduce their sexual desire.

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