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I had guys who had been in wars and were horribly scared or amputated, or in wheel chairs or whatever. It is a world wide industry that generates gazillions of dollars every year from which women do not benefit.

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T he Production and Consumption of Inequality London: While the brain is malleable, it typically follows a set of rules in performing its functions. Like eating candy to satisfy hunger, pornography can feel like a healthy way to satisfy the drive for intimacy. The same can be said for watching immorality, that is to say, viewing pornography.

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Men hate lesbians because we have sex and life without them. If someone else watched it, they probably would be uninspired. Plus learn about the history of orgasm research, explore the definitions of orgasm, and much more. These neurological habits of compulsion and depravity were not established overnight and the expectation is that they will not be changed overnight.

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When sexual cues are identified by the brain, a surge of testosterone production is triggered. Later in college I always loved watching girls get dressed up for dates. There have probably been days when I saw 300 [women] before I got out of bed…. Men hate lesbians because we have sex and life without them.

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