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So perhaps for some women, a lack of orgasm may be rooted in a physical problem of some kind. Female sexual arousal problems, or lack of orgasm, needs to be looked at in the context of the relationship, and the culture of society, which may value sex with orgasm much more highly than sex as a means to achieve physical pleasure, intimacy or bonding. By the way, just to prove the point, we know that a large proportion of the men who take Viagra to overcome erectile dysfunction do not experience any improvement because there are deeper emotional issues between them and their partners preventing arousal.

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And for men who are lucky enough to have good control of their own ejaculation during intercourse, that stimulation can be applied by the penis thrusting in and out of the vagina. The intensity of orgasm can be greatly increased if an area inside the vagina called the G spot is stimulated with a finger or two at the same time as stimulation is applied to the clitoris. Satisfactory sex is of course contingent upon several things โ€” satisfactory ejaculation control from the man, an ability to open up and enjoy orgasms from the woman, and good health, including freedom from genital infections like yeast infections โ€” which, incidentally, can affect both women and men.

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