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The feelings of betrayal started leaving when I felt the dick getting bigger and harder in my mouth. This reminded me of the time the other homeboy put his hands on my husband's head as my husband sucked his dick. I waited a while, feeling a little nervous inside, and then I had to know what they were doing in there, so I said to myself, "Let me go down there, and offer them something to drink just to please my curiosity. But I soon forgot my husband, as I started to deep throat this guy.

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At that point, we were the most satisfied couple on earth. My husband took his mouth off the homeboy's cock, and jacked off the homeboy real fast. Either that, or he didn't believe me when I told him I was married.

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I told him, "You have a beautiful six pack," and I started to massage his stomach. Also, one night I surprised my husband with my little friend Raul.

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I couldn't believe how big it was, and that my husband had been able to swallow it. I told him, "Shut up, stupid, I've seen you sucking his dick.

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